I  M  A  G  E  S   O  F   W  A  L  E  S





I am a photographer based near Aberystwyth in Mid Wales. The galleries in my website cover a broad range of subjects including:

  • The Welsh landscape
  • Towns & villages of Ceredigion
  • Tourism related events, attractions and activities
  • Wildlife, specialising in marine wildlife
  • Dogs and domestic animals eg sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, hens

Photographs are available in the Galleries to buy online as prints, canvas prints and greetings cards. Licenses for digital photographs can be purchased for the use of the photographs, both in your publications in print and on the web. Please contact me for prices and to discuss your requirements. Trade enquiries for prints and greetings cards are welcome.



I am available for commissions to photograph the subjects listed above as well as the following:

  • Property photography (typically business premises or holiday accommodation). Examples of my work may be seen here.
  • Product photography

Please contact me if you would like further information.



I often get asked for advice about photographing landscapes and wildlife, so I have put together a fully illustrated guide ‘The Best Places to Photograph in Ceredigion’. It is illustrated with many colour photographs, each captioned with details of the camera settings, time of day, month of the year and the location where relevant. More details can be found here and the book can be purchased here.



My interest in photography has been with me for as long as I can remember. I was fascinated by the box that lived in the cupboard that came out once a year to record moments in time, people, places and events, usually holidays and weddings. As a four year old my parents were utterly mystified by this obsession and my determination to play with this magical box, as I ignored all obstacles and distractions that were placed in my way.

When I was five we went on a family holiday staying on a farm near Criccieth in North Wales. I was introduced to a world full of colour, the sea and sheepdogs. The industrial village where I grew up in Lancashire was very lacking on all these counts, winters were dark grey and foggy, summers light grey with swirling dust. I announced on going back to school that I was going to live in Wales. Next to the sea. With dogs.

Film was very expensive back then so I had to satisfy my creative side by drawing; graduating from wall art as a three year old to more conventional media, paper and pastels and watercolour. The camera came out once a year with one roll of film, 12 exposures or 24 if I pleaded enough.

My first ‘real’ camera was acquired as a student when I came to Aberystwyth, I was now living by the sea and the dogs arrived shortly afterwards. Various jobs came and went, but photography was a constant and gradually I began to earn my living from photographing the beautiful place where I had come to live.

I never tire of the interplay of light and colour and form on the hills and shores of west Wales and the diversity of its wildlife. I hope you enjoy the galleries of my photos, whether you live in Wales, have come to visit, or have it on your wish list to visit in the future.



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